10PHON 308 BoreSnake Gun Cleaning

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Brand New, For .308 7.62mm Bore Caliber, With Bronze Brush, With Gun Oil, w/ Instruction, Easy to Use

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10PHON 308 BoreSnake Gun Cleaning
Weight (net) 32.5g (1.1 ounce)
Usage: Fit .308 caliber and 7.62mm rifle etc
Feature Bore snake cleaning kit—-the world’s fastest sales gun bore cleaner
Sling with drop head and bronze brush connected with holder for rope or patch
Snake rope in floss material offers more cleaning area with more than 200 times usage
Patches with gun oil to protect your firearms from rust for long time storage’
Can be washed by water
Superior style, easy to use with instruction
High end quality design
Blister package with colorful brief instruction
Kit includes: Sling with build-in bronze brush & holder, snake rope and gun oil patch

308 Sling Cleaning Kit 1 308 Sling Cleaning Kit 6

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