10PHON Gen2 H2 Buffer

Short Description:

4.05oz, Dark Silver Matte, Granulated Tungsten Weights, Designed For Real Firearms

Reduce Recoil,Offer Softest, Smoothest Cycling, Quietest Feature for Shooting,

Aviod Bolt Bounce, Maintenance Free, Gen2 H2 Buffer






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10PHON     Gen2 H2 Buffer
Overall Length 83.5mm (3.3 inch)
Weight (net) 115g (4.05 Ounce)
Main Material 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, Tungsten etc
Finish Black, grey or golden etc matte
One piece style more accurate
Reduce recoil, avoid noise, cut down on felt recoil
Easy and quick installation
Filled with high density tungsten powder
Fit most .223Rem M / AR etc
Designed for real firearms
Without any inside weights to move around or fluids to leak out like many other buffers

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